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IAMO Telephone Company was formed in January 1962 when the communities of Blanchard, Coin and Northboro, Iowa along with Westboro, Missouri joined together to form the corporation. The name is derived from the abbreviations of IA (Iowa) and MO (Missouri).

The purpose of this corporation was to furnish telephone and telephone toll service to its shareholders and to all members of the general public who may apply therefore, to construct and maintain telephone lines, cables, switchboards and all other necessary and useful equipment ordinarily owned and used by a telephone system, and to buy and sell telephone equipment, supplies and fixtures, and to conduct a general telephone service in Page and Fremont Counties in Iowa and Atchison and Nodaway Counties in Missouri. Coin, Iowa was designated as the corporate headquarters.

Early newspaper articles report that in the early 1900’s a telephone company was organized and telephone service centered in a building on the north side of Main Street in Burlington Junction, Missouri. Later the central office was moved to a site south of the old post office and later still to the site north of the property of a Mr. J.R. Hann.

Other small “home-owned” telephone companies in the area were located in Clearmont, Elmo and Quitman. With the reorganization of the school district in 1960, a corporation was formed and called the Northwest Nodaway Telephone Exchange, consisting of Burlington Junction, Clearmont, Elmo and Quitman, all of Missouri.

On July 15, 1974, the Missouri Public Service Commission approved the sale of the Northwest Nodaway Telephone Company of Burlington Junction, to IAMO Telephone Company, forming the present corporation.

Presently, IAMO Telephone Company serves the exchanges in Iowa of Coin and Northboro, Iowa with Blanchard a part of the Coin exchange. In Missouri, the exchanges of Burlington Junction, Clearmont, Elmo and Westboro with Quitman now a part of the Burlington Junction exchange.


Tom Steinolfson - General Manager

Rich Kingery - Plant Manager

Jillinda Thornton - Office Manager

TJ Horn - Outside plant

Jeff Davidshofer - Switch and Outside plant

Michelle Mace - Customer Service Representative, Coin Office

Melissa Thomas - Customer Service Representative, Coin Office

Kellee Dawson - Customer Service Representative, Burlington Junction Office

Jeremy Dunn - Outside Plant

Bob Smith - Switch and Outside Plant

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