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Wireless DSL offering Now for the Shenandoah Iowa area!!! and the College Springs, Braddyville area. We currently are proud to offer up to 1.5mbps service for $39.95 per month. No modem to buy, no installation fee with a 1 year contract! For residential or business plans Call now at 888-582-3232.

  • No Second Line is needed.
    Runs over existing phone line. Up to 5 Email Accounts. Unlimited access to the internet.
  • Reliability.
    IAMO Telephone Internet service is state-of-the-art, offering reliable service and a connection rate of up to 1.5mbps.
  • Help Desk.
    We offer a user support Help Desk to assist with connection or software difficulties. Call (877) 583-6711.
  • Monthly Fee: $39.95 for 6 MB fiber and up to 6 MB on copper (Data only for fiber and copper is $69.95. Call for Business rates).
  • Installation Fee: $95.00 (Installation and modem fee [copper only] are waived if a one year contract is signed).
If contract is broken customer will be charged back for the modem and installation fee. For any reason DSL is disconnected there will be a reconnection fee of $20.00 added to have it turned back on. You must have a Ethernet card installed on your computer before services will be installed. You may also use a USB Port.   Attention: We do not install Ethernet cards. DSL is for residential purposes only. However it may be installed at a business for business use only. You may NOT run any servers off of our DSL. If you are wanting to run a server, please contact the office for further details. Bandwidth is set at contracted rate, however, we cannot Guarantee that speed, due to customer equipment and distance from the office. We also do not support gamers. Please call the office for availability in your area, and any additional questions. All Modems remain the property of IAMO telephone Co unless purchased out right.

Call your local office for more details or our 800 number.

Coin 712-583-3232 or 888-582-3232

Burlington Jct. 660-725-3354

Ask us about these additional services available from IAMO Telephone Internet:
  • Additional E-mail accounts ... one for each family member or company department!
  • Web Site advertising.  Call 888-582-3232 for more details and pricing.
  • PRE-PAY Pricing Discounts:
         · 10% off when you pay 12 months in advance.
         · 5% off when you pay 6 months in advance.



Call IAMO Telephone Internet Customer Service: 888-582-3232

Or, E-mail IAMO Telephone Internet Customer Service

Important Notes about IAMO Telephone Internet Internet Access Service
1. Connection rates are subject to change.
2. Terms and conditions for your Internet service are stated in your "IAMO Telephone Internet User Agreement" and "Acceptable Use Policy and Network Management Disclosure".

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