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TVSkitter TV
FREE Weather Widget, RestartTV, and watchTVeverywhere

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2 YEAR Contract:
  • FREE Installation of 1st TV - each additional TV: $25.00
  • (1) FREE STB with Install - each additional STB: $4.95/mo.
  • Break Contract:
    • Within 1st yr. - $200 Penalty
    • Within 2nd yr. - $100 Penalty
NO Contract:
  • $75.00 Installation fee for up to 3 TV’s - each additional: $25.00
  • Charge for All STB's at $4.95 month per STB.

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FREE Standard Installation
Internet with Phone
Up to 150Mbps
Up to 250Mbps
Up to 500Mbps
Up to 1Gbps / 1,000Mbps
Internet ONLY
Up to 150Mbps
Up to 250Mbps
Up to 500Mbps
Up to 1Gbps / 1,000Mbps
Gig Certified
  • You may NOT run any server off of our Internet
  • All Prices Subject To Change and or Franchise Fees
  • All equipment and charges are Subject to Applicable Sales Tax
  • Certain Conditions Apply
  • There will be no discounts given on any Government Service
FREE Standard Installation
Out Of Territory Prices
(Braddyville, College Springs, Shambaugh, Wilcox)
Business Line $39.95
All lines work as a Fax Line; MUST specify if you would like Fax or Access Line.
In Territory Prices
Share of Stock $10.00
(1) Access Line $22.00
Sub Access Line (Single) $6.50
Multi-Line $9.20
Other Taxes and Charges may Apply
Add On
Wire Maintenance $2.00

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