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SecureIT Plus

SecureIT Plus Provides:

  • Fully automated protection and removal of viruses, spyware, and adware
  • Automated hard drive maintenance and optimization
  • Automated installation of tested Microsoft patches
  • Monthly e-mail reporting
  • Free professional installation
  • Free technical support
  • Guaranteed protection

All of this is included in the price of SecureIT Plus and is kept-up-to-date automatically-you'll never have to worry about internet security again. Plus, the service is guaranteed. If you do have problems with an Internet-delivered issue while using SecureIT Plus services, we will repair your computer at no charge.

If your time is valuable, or you are not a computer security expert, this service is for you.

SecureIT Plus Package:

  • Managed Virus Protection
    SecureIT Plus incorporates anti-virus protection from Symantec Corporation-the world's largest antivirus research and response organization.
  • Spyware Detection, Removal, and Pop-up Blocker
    Spyware is a general term for a program that secretly monitors your actions. SecureIT Plus uses a three phase approach to protect your computer from spyware. Technology is in place to stop spyware from infiltrating your computer, to detect in real-time any malicious activity, and to clear up anything that may have been missed by using ongoing Spybot Search and Destroy scans. In addition, SecureIT Plus has a fully customizable Internet Explorer pop-up blocker to minimize those annoying pop-up ads and displays, saving both time and bandwidth.
  • System and Disk Maintenance
    System and disk maintenance is often one of the most overlooked tasks and is a leading cause of poor performance and instability issues. SecureIT Plus uses Diskeeper Professional to provide ongoing maintenance by optimizing file storage and disk defragmentation for faster PC performance.
  • Microsoft Patch Management
    One particularly important element of maintaining a secure and reliable computer is staying up to date on critical software patches. SecureIT Plus patch management provides a daily assessment of missing critical patches for Microsoft Operating Systems and automatically applies them after rigorous testing to ensure continued protection.
  • Monthly E-mail Summary & Online Reporting
    To increase the value of the service, SecureIT Plus has developed a unique online reporting application that allows you to view vital computer protection statistics throughout the life of your subscription. These detailed reports show you information such as the number of viruses your computer has been protected from and the number of updates that have been applied. For small business environments and homes with multiple computers, these reports will also show you a roll-up of all your computers so you can see in a single view the protection that you have been provided.
  • Professional Installation
    SecureIT Plus can be installed via a CD, download, or we also offer a free professional installation. You can call a toll free number. Once you give us temporary access to your computer, we can perform a remote installation. You can sit back and relax while trained SecureIT Plus technicians do the work for you.
  • Free Technical Support
    Unlike Norton and McAfee who charge for technical support call, technical support for SecureIT Plus is offered free of charge.
  • Guaranteed Protection
    With SecureIT Plus you'll never have to think about Internet Security again. Plus, the service is guaranteed. If you do have problems with an Internet-delivered issue while using SecureIT Plus services, we will repair your computer at no charge.

Stop wasting time worrying about what type of protection you need, what product or products you should install, who is going install them, who is going to maintain and update them, and more importantly who you can call if you have any questions. With SecureIT Plus you'll never have to worry about Internet security again!

  • SecureIT Plus FAQs
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